I feel energized whenever I do this pose. I feel my heart opening, as my arms stretch fully in opposing directions. Likewise, I feel my lower chakras are also opened by the legs extended at a right angle. Finally, I feel my spine lengthening as my arms and legs seem to all pull away from the center line. Having experienced low back discomfort since I was about 12, most all spinal extensions give me a welcomed relief.

This is one of the harder of the spinal extensions, as it requires a lot of core strength, flexibility in the hips and shoulder girdles. Then, top it off with balancing on one leg as you gaze to the sky. For simpler modifications, I encourage people to hold this pose against the wall. And, keep the gaze focused forward, rather than to the ceiling, if there are any cervical spine issues, or difficulty balancing. This is another long holding pose that I sometimes incorporate in my Dem Bones workshops. Against the wall, of course. For me, it’s all about the extension rather than the balance.

Since my motto is yoga any time, any where, I’ve literally basked in my balancing half-moon pose in unusual places. Against a tree on the top of a cliff. In line at the grocery store. Searching among the stacks for library books or CDs. Where ever, When ever my back needs a tweaking.

Read more about the rationale behind long holds for bone health, and the Dem Bones workshops.

Just like with any other new diet or work out plan, consult a yoga therapist to determine what is best suited for your particular physical and emotional wellbeing.

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