Twist and Shout. That’s the name of a workshop I gave that focused on digestive disorders. I also have a series designed to light the digestive fire, called, Gutsy Yoga.

Digestive disorders are what brought me to yoga, in my teens. So this is something that is near and dear to me. Twists de-tox and clean your system. Plus, when you’re seated, as with the various seated twists and marichyasana poses, you can relax more and hold the pose longer. For a Yin practice to compress and open your meridians, hold a simple twist for up to six minutes.

The number of versions of seated twists are on almost ad infinitum. I like to twist with legs in lotus, butterfly, straddle, half lotus, dandasana, janusirsasana or marichiyasana. Mix and match, find what makes you feel best, or maybe what challenges your more.

Beyond gently massaging your inner organs, a healthy spine needs to be moved in six directions, in a yoga practice. Forward fold, back bend, lateral stretch and twists.

Read more about the Gutsy Yoga workshops. Just like with any other new diet or work out plan, consult a yoga therapist to determine what is best suited for your particular physical and emotional wellbeing.

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