Most of us do not have perfect posture. May sit slumped over at the computer, or slouch on their couch. Unless you’re in a straight back wooden chair, using a lumbar support, or on the floor yogi style, chances are you are never doing your back good when you are seated. Yoga is one of the best antidotes for poor posture.

We need to counteract our unhealthy lifestyles, and gomukhasana offers a great spinal, chest, underarm and tricep stretch. Not everyone can reach behind and clasp their hands or wrists. With the help of a strap, belt or towel, it is doable. (Note: those with rotator cuff or other shoulder injuries should consult their physical therapist, orthopedist or yoga therapist before attempting this or any other pose that involves the shoulders.)

Energetically, this pose opens the heart chakra, and at times the solar plexus. By stretching the upper thoracic region, it promotes better, deeper breathing. Therefore, this is a good pose for those with respiratory concerns.

Like garudasana, I find this to boost my circulation, and as a result, energy.

To increase the stretch in the upper back, shoulders and quads, fold forward.

Just like with any other new diet or work out plan, consult a yoga therapist to determine what is best suited for your particular physical and emotional wellbeing.

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