The kidney massage is a gentle rubbing with the fingertips, or massaging with the palm of the hand, depending on preference or flexibility.

Similar to the thymus tap, the kidney massage stimulates the kidneys plus the adrenal glands which sit just above the kidneys. From the EFT (tapping) perspective, “adrenal fatigue” is caused by excess cortisol, the fight or flight hormone. Tapping, helps balance that.

The kidneys are especially important for anyone with high blood pressure or high blood sugar. Steven Cardoza, M.S. L. Ac., explains that the kidneys, also an endocrine gland, filter toxins from the blood. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are the kingpin for optimal health. “Maintaining kidney health is one of the primary keys to a long and healthy life,” adds Cardoza.

Additionally, my students know I love to pump the bottom of the foot. Known in acupressure as one of the most important spots for the Kidney meridian (K1), the bubbling spring as it’s also called, is located in the midline of the foot. About in line with the protruding base bone of the pinky toe, it should be slightly tender to the touch. To pump the well, place a thumb at K1, and apply periodic pressure to the thumb with the other hand.

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