Dragonfly is a straddle, held, as is normal in Yin, for about six minutes. You can place a cushion or pillow in front of you to help you relax into dragonfly with a forward fold.

As with all Yin poses, exit very slowly. Because of the very deep stretch to the hamstrings and adductors, I recommend gently bending just one knee upon exiting. Then the other, before inching the legs closer together.

According to one of my Yin Yoga go-tos, Sarah Powers, “Yin Yoga is a wonderful practice both for quieting the active mind, and for encouraging the prana or Qi (chi) to consistently flow through the six main meridians in the legs which are connected to the health of these major organs (the spleen/pancreas, liver, kidney, urinary bladder, stomach, and gall bladder).”

This pose is good for several meridians, including Liver, Kidney, Urinary Bladder and Spleen. To activate the Spleen and Stomach meridians, add a twist. Another option is with a lateral stretch.

The Liver and Gall Bladder equate to the Wood element, or Spring. Stomach and Spleen are associated with Earth element, and summertime. I enjoy dragonfly, and its variations, when I want to give some TLC to my digestive system.

For more about benefits of Yin Yoga in general, visit my blog spot,, and enter the words Yin Yoga in the search window. As always, consult your yoga therapist to determine which poses are best suited for your particular physical and emotional needs.

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